Priory Park

Cambs Open Space

Priory Park is situated off Huntingdon Road and Priory Hill Road, St Neots. In 2018 Priory Park received the Green Flag Award.

With over 30ha of open green space, there is an extensive mature woodland containing native specimens of oak and chestnut, a perfect place to relax on a hot summers day. 

There is also plenty of facilities for children of all age ranges to enjoy and use, including football pitches, children's playing area, basketball court and a zipline. 

Community group


Our purpose as the Priory Park Friends Group is to protect and conserve our beautiful Park and to improve the park's facilities for all to enjoy.

We aim to do this by increasing public awareness of any proposed alterations to the park and its facilities.

If you are interested in volunteering at Priory Park, please visit the website linked below. 


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Priory Park Friends Group

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