Godmanchester Nature Reserve

Cambs Open Space

This beautiful nature reserve south of the River Great Ouse consists of four lakes which are former gravel pits. Interspersed with the lakes are areas of grassland and ancient hedgerows which provide habitats for many birds. Ducks and geese swim on the open water, kingfisher hunt in the streams and songbirds search the hedgerows for food. In winter numbers of grazing wildfowl increase as the resident population is joined by birds migrating south to avoid harsh Arctic winters.

The reserve is also rich with history. Roman Lake is the site of a Roman well unearthed during quarrying in the 1980s. Mouldings Meadow is named after former brick mouldings; now it’s a great place to spot snipe. Teddy’s Lake was Teddy’s Farm before it was quarried. Numerous gulls and ducks breed on sheltered Island Lake.

Summer sees an explosion of colour as of the lakes and butterflies soak up the sun. At the base of the hedges and out in the grassland wildflowers bloom, attracting more nectar-feeding invertebrates. Along the old railway line, wildflowers like knapweed bloom.

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