Cambs Open Space

CoFarm Cambridge is a company limited by guarantee and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoFarm Foundation, established by the Foundation to co-create and run Cambridge city’s first community farm with and for the community. 

The farm is currently being developed off Barnwell Road, on 7-acres of privately-owned agricultural land in the Green Belt, which is right next to Coldhams Common - a very special green space in Cambridge.


We believe that co-creating welcoming community farms, where people can grow and share food with each other, leads to healthier, stronger communities.


Whether we feel well or not depends on lots of different things. Co-farming makes looking after our bodies and our minds easier for everyone.


When you farm in harmony with nature, you produce tastier, safer and healthier food that doesn’t cost the Earth.


We channel support into communities and help to build stronger - more circular - local economies.

CoFarm volunteers (currently adults only) get involved in all aspects of growing vegetables and fruit sustainably under the supervision of experienced horticulturists. Tasks may involve sowing seeds; transplanting seedlings; weeding; preparing vegetable beds and watering crops. Later in the season volunteers harvest all of the crops and prepare them for distribution to Cambridge's community food hubs. Sign up at