Zig Zag Running - Run for cake

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Run for Cake is a 6 hour event (if you a 9am start) or a 4 hour event (if you 11am start), run as far as you can during the six hours and a little bit more if you're lucky, as long as you are leaving the Base Camp by 5:59:59 you get to run another lap, we have a 5.3k lap throughout the forest consisting of gravel footpaths and some grass areas - a multi-terrain course.

You can run as much or little as you want to, you can rest between laps if you like and head out for some more.

You may be completing your first official 5k,10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon or even ultra-Marathon, or it may be your 100th or 1000th.

This race is also ideal for those who want to try and achieve a Marathon distance and for those who also want the option to push a little further, possibly an ultra but without the complications of trail ultras, with next to no navigation, no kit required, an aid station every lap and straightforward logistics.

When you enter the race, you will receive an email from your entry portal and then a confirmation from Zig Zag Running which will contact the race briefing information about the day.

Parking is chargeable at the park. From the toilets and the parking payment machines you will see our start arch and gazebos.

For more information, please visit: https://www.zigzagrunning.co.uk/

To book your running place please click here.