Youth Rangers of the Fens

Den Building

Youth Rangers is a group for secondary-aged young people (11-17 years) keen to make a positive difference to their local environment. We meet throughout the year at various Cambridgeshire nature reserves and would love to welcome you to our group.

Please note:
Bookings are not confirmed until we have received your completed paperwork and consent form (for each child).

Join us for another fantastic session of learning real, practical conservation skills, learning from industry professionals and making a positive impact for wildlife. You do not need any experience to attend. This month we're at Upwood Meadows. Designated a National Nature Reserve for its floristic diversity, Upwood is awash with life. The greatest display is in Bentley meadow where medieval ridge-and-furrow and the many ant hills provide differing microhabitats for plants and invertebrates. Here plants including cowslip, green-winged orchid, saw-wort, dropwort, sulphur clover and dyer's greenweed provide summer-long colour and nectar sources for bees and butterflies. Under the guidance of Communities and Education Officers from the Wildlife Trust, you'll be learning how to perform a plant survey, using quadrats, keys and guide books to identify wildflowers and collecting valuable data that will inform conservation plans at the site.

Please bring water and dress appropriately for the weather - Layers and waterproofs, or hats and sun lotion if needed. Long sleeves and trousers recommended. Please wear sensible boots or wellies.

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