Rabble Superstar Saturday Games!

Team Games

Expect a variety of fun social team games, from playground classics like British Bulldogs, Capture the Flag and Dodgeball to games based (loosely) on famous tales like Robin Hood, Hunger Games or Game of Thrones.

For those who want the full Superstar experience, combine your Saturday Rabble with a 5k with one or more of our friendly local running groups:

• Parkrun have their weekly run on Coldham's Common at 9am.
• Mikkeller Running Club also sets off from Thirsty at 3pm.

We’re super friendly, and host regular socials as well as hitting the pub after sessions!

It's essential you book onto sessions via our website using the link below:


Our regulars tend to just book on the site directly, so there’s usually far more people at a session than Meetup suggests!

Use the code FREEPLAY to get your first game free!

Please come in comfortable sports clothing and bring a bottle of water.

Please also arrive 5-10 minutes before the session to allow us to start on time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on: hello@joinrabble.com

We hope to see you playing soon!
love Rabble HQ

To book or for more information please click here.