Great Fen Ecotour

Join this exciting wildlife tour of the Great Fen, a unique area that was part of the last wilderness in lowland England. Take in the big skies and the diverse wildlife and habitats of this unique, but often overlooked, landscape as it is rejuvenated and restored. Learn more about its natural history while in search of some of the iconic wildlife that can be found amongst its reedbeds, lakes, water channels, woods and grasslands. The tour will be led by Henry Stanier, the Monitoring & Research Officer for the Wildlife Trust at the Great Fen.

On this one-day summer safari you will witness the wealth of wildlife gradually returning to an area nearly 5km wide and 11km long, from cuckoos, warblers and birds of prey, to water voles and water deer, and from moths, butterflies and dragonflies, to a variety of special wetland plants. We will also explore the underwater world, taking a closer look at great crested newts and water beetles. An optional add-on includes early morning bird ringing, when you will learn more about bird identification and migration. Transport is provided between sites.

Henry will guide you for a full day, on a series of three walks, to help you explore and understand the extensive land under conservation restoration, such as Rymes Reedbed and Middle Farm, and also the two National Nature Reserves of Woodwalton Fen and Holme Fen.

You will visit land not open to the public and discover the past, present and future of wildlife conservation in the Fens. This will include the legacy of Charles Rothschild’s conservation achievements in the early 20th century, and a visit to the Rothschild’s Bungalow. We will also view the next phase of restoration at the Great Fen, ‘Peatland Progress’, as we link the north and south of the Great Fen together!

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