Soap Making Workshop

Soap making

This introductory workshop teaches you how to make your own hair and body soap using the traditional cold-processed method and all-natural ingredients.

We will be looking at how to create beautiful soaps using a mixture of essential oils and natural spices. you will also learn a little about:

The science behind soap, the history of soapmaking, soap making and safety equipment, introduction to the basic ingredients, using Botanicals, clays and essential oils, blending essential oils, soap making demonstration and of course make your own soap

At the end of the day you will leave with a loaf of soap big enough to cut into approximately eight bars and a workbook containing your recipe and other useful information.

All ingredients, soap-making and safety equipment is provided.

Please wear long sleeves, trousers and full shoes no open toes.

You will need to bring an apron, a cardboard box big enough to hold a 1 litre tetra pack (fruit juice/long life milk carton) and an old towel or blanket to take your box home in.

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