Autumn Festival 2022

We are excited to be bringing this lovely event back at last, with wild outdoor play, traditional woodland craft, creativity, fun and games! We get fired up about delicious local food! We're proud to support a wealth of community groups and local independents! We love magical adventures and hints of vintage and little surprises around every corner!


The Autumn Festival is a chance to celebrate all these things and more. Family friendly and with something for everyone, we hope you'll join us for this special event. Wear what you like, tutus and wellies, suits of armor, we've seen it all, and don't fret about the weather, it's always great to be outdoors!All proceeds go towards maintaining Milton Country Park and help to keep this lovely green space open and accessible for everyone to enjoy!


Early bird tickets coming soon!Parking free (limited - please use alternative means if at all possible)This year's line up...Live Bands in the sunclock:-Big 10-Worldy-Codename Colin-Lower Town Ladies-The Cambridge UL Funk Band-Leo HowseGentleman Jim and Banquet Inn’s beautiful vintage bars.A fantastic choice of delicious food including Smokeworks, Guerilla Kitchen, the Wandering Yak, Pull Me Cherie, Pimp My Fish and lots of lovely local food to take home.Campfire stories: The wonderful Cambridge storyteller, Marion Leeper will be bringing Love Stories for the Earth to the Wild Place. Luring children away from screens and into nature, hearing stories of acorn and bramble, asking questions, having adventures, getting muddy hands and knees, learning to love their own patch of earth.

Tickets please!